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Do you want to visit Broadway?

Do you want to become a part of the delighted audience of the Broadway musicals and do you want to feel all the great power of a Broadway shows? Do you want to have a huge amount of positive emotions and be genuinely impressed with the famous actors of the Broadway theater? Bright lights and colorful costumes, amazing songs, and dances. All of this you will find here!

Broadway is a famous stage that gathers various people from all over the world in its beautiful buildings. Even people who are not fans of art are coming here to experience this authentic Broadway’s atmosphere and become a part of the long history of this great marvelous theater. Here you can enjoy a fascinating show with a loud music and magnificent dances sitting in a comfortable red armchair. You shall feel yourself a part of a fascinating performance. Broadway can give you a chance to see famous stars with your own eyes.

Aladdin is returning

We all heard the story of Aladdin when we were kids and for many people, it is one of the most favorite tales. Most of us have been reading it for many times in a childhood but this time, we have a possibility to see an outstanding “Broadway style” interpretation of well-known Aladdin on the stage. The musical shows an interesting life of this handsome young man in details. It is not a boring story because there are a lot of funny new japes in it, but it is not only a funny comedy: it also has romantic elements. If you have heard, Aladdin has a beloved girl who is a real eastern lovely woman. During the play, we will see how they are building their relationships, will see all of the details of their beautiful love story, deep into the adventures of Aladdin that are full of magic moments, and such story will not leave anyone indifferent.  The magic lamp will give a lot of exciting events to Aladdin and his friends. Do you want to learn if he succeeded in solving all the problems or not; what do you think is Aladdin ready to cope with all the problems that appear in his relation with his beloved woman? If you desire to learn the answer, visit this musical at Broadway.

You shall feel an atmosphere of the East with the help of oriental music and bright costumes of characters. They are amazing! Casey Nicholaw and Alan Menken composed great dance performances that will impress you deeply because dances will express all the thoughts and deep feelings of the characters with every move. Oriental dances are very vivid and beautiful that is why you will like all the dancing performances, and even you will have a desire to become a dancer of oriental dances too.

Catchy music and incredible costumes

Costumes of the characters are bright and breathtaking. They will help you to feel the atmosphere of the East, and even yourself become a part of this fascinating fairy tale full of magic and miraculous events.

Come and watch this musical and you won’t regret!

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