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Fairy tales… So magic and bewitching, so tempting and alluring that one always feels the need to see and be a part of the fairy tale irrespective of the age. Broadway theater makes this possible. One of its most incredible Disney shows Aladdin welcomes all people who would like to get transported to completely another world, a world filled with magic and kindness, love and devotion. Two hours and thirty minutes of pure magic are awaiting you at a luxurious theater hall in gleaming Las Vegas. All that you need to step into that wonderland is buying a couple of Aladdin show tickets for you and your kids, they will simply adore it! But we would like to warn you to book the tickets beforehand as this glorious show is never played in a half-empty hall. Therefore, if you hope to buy Aladdin show tickets right at the ticket counter, most probably you will have to miss it. We recommend you buy the tickets online to get the seats you will feel most comfortable with your family.

The Familiar Plot

The plot of the Aladdin show is a well known one. Most likely you are aware of this story’s plot. However, we’d like to remind you the general picture of the story to enchant you and make you remember how exciting it is to be a part of a fairy tale.
Alluring princess of the middle-eastern town of Agrabah Jasmine feels lonely, yet stands against her father’s decision to marry her a royal man. Meanwhile, there is a handsome street urchin who fights for his daily living (mainly by stealing) named Aladdin. And once Jasmine sneaks out of her palace incognito, she makes friends with Aladdin instantly. Their friendship quickly grows into love, which is soon discovered by Sultan’s guards. Poor Aladdin is accused of stealing the princess and is sentenced to death. But Jafar, Sultan’s right-hand man, saves the guy. In return, he orders Aladdin to fetch the magic lamp. But don’t hurry to like Jafar, he is not a kind man at all. Once you have your Aladdin show tickets and take your seats in the theater, you will instantly guess his intentions of taking over the throne.
So, Aladdin’s way toward finding the magic lamp and Genie living inside it leads him to the dangerous Cave of Wonders. Once he finds the lamp, he unwittingly lets Genie out of it. Do you know what Genie can do? That’s right, he fulfills three wishes! Anything the one who has let him out can dream about, there are no limits! Yet, Aladdin, having madly fallen in love with Jasmine, wants to win her heart and be a worthy groom for her. So, Genie creates a new personality for Aladdin and he presents himself as Prince Ali who has all the richness of the world! But will Aladdin gain Jasmine’s love with his new personality or he’d better stay a street urchin, the one Jasmine has already loved? And will Aladdin thwart Jafar‘s cunning and evil plans? And will poor Genie’s only dream to become free from any master ever come true? If all these questions interest you and your kids, Aladdin show tickets are waiting for you to book. Make your tour to Las Vegas not only lucrative (if you plan to gamble a lot) or extravagant (if you plan to hang out with friends in a nightclub) but also don’t miss your chance of bringing some fairy tale and kindness into your Las Vegas stay with Aladdin Broadway show!

Feel the Magic in the Air

Aladdin show tickets are the cue to let in some magic to your life. The musical show features such a grandiose cast that you will adore each and every artist regardless of his character. Even evil Jafar is going to enchant you with his skillful acting and attractive singing. All the songs created by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, Tim Rice and Chad Beguelin, and performed during the show will remain in your memory for long. Directed by Casey Nicholaw, Aladdin Broadway show has the following cast:

  • Telly Leung (Aladdin)
  • Arielle Jacobs (Jasmine)
  • Major Attaway (Genie)
  • Jonathan Freeman (Jafar)
  • Don Darryl Rivera (Iago)
  • Steel Burkhardt (Kassim)
  • Brian Gonzales (Babkak)
  • JC Montgomery (Sultan)
  • Brad Weinstock (Omar)

This cast of artists promises you will feel the magic in the air! So, if you haven’t yet seen this show, booking Aladdin Show tickets online is what you should do right away!

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